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DOs & DON'Ts

 You do not need to wash your hair more than once a
, making sure at that time that you condition your hair.
In some instances you may find your fringe and wispy bits
may need washing more regularly, depending on your
skin type and make-up regime.

Shampoo your Freedom Hairpiece immediately
er exposure to chlorine pools and/or saltwater.

Wear a scarf and/or UV protection when your Freedom
Hairpiece is exposed to direct sunlight for long
durations of time

Make sure to store your Freedom Hairpiece upright
on an object smaller than your head

 Heat styling equipment such as hot
rollers are fine to use on your Freedom
Hairpiece in moderation.

 You can use mousse, gels and/or hairsprays on
your Freedom Hairpiece in moderation.

 Don't use rubber-bands on your Freedom
Only use fabric-covered bands

 Don't use heavy Claw-clips on your
Freedom Hairpiece. The weight of the
clips can pull your hair out of the cap.
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