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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long will it take to make my hair piece?
    Creating your Freedom Hair piece is a multi-step process. Once the fit is finalized, your hair piece is created. Start to finish, the process typically takes 4 – 6 months. We will make an appointment to meet you in person to take your measurements and fill out your order specifications. We'll send you a sample fit cap and hair-sample to ensure a proper fit. This is approx. 4 – 6 weeks after the initial appointment. When you're ready, we can start making your new Freedom Hair. Expect your Freedom Hair wig to arrive within another 7 – 9 weeks.

    Do I need any glue or tape to ensure the hairpiece stays on my head securely?
    No. The vacuum seal creates suction to your head, there is no need for tape and glue. You are free to engage in your normal lifestyle without fear or embarrassment. The hairpiece will not move or come off until you take it off.

    Can children wear Freedom Hair wigs?
    Yes. Freedom Hair wigs are particularly wonderful for children because they look so realistic that other kids won't even know they are wearing a hairpiece. The suction base allows children to participate in all the usual physical activities at school, swimming, gymnastics, camping trips, boating etc. Particular care is taken when the hairpiece is made for children with regard to density and by using softer and finer hair to duplicate how children's hair grows. There are many children happy to wear the Freedom wig as they run, play sports and play with friends.

    What is “100% unprocessed virgin hair?”
    Unprocessed (sometimes called ‘virgin’) hair is human hair that has not been permed, colored, or chemically processed in any way and it’s been carefully cut off in a ponytail from the person who grew it. Unprocessed hair with all the cuticle layers intact, all the cuticles will be facing in the the same direction. The hair looks and acts completely natural like growing hair. Plus, the hair looks healthier and will last longer because it’s untreated and in such good condition.

    Can I wear my hair in a ponytail?
    Yes. When you have your hairpiece cut and styled, the hairdresser will cut in the "wispies" to mimic the look of baby hair growing at the back of your neck and behind and above your ears. As your Freedom wig has been made to duplicate your hairline exactly, the results are very natural. See photos under "gallery"

    How long will the hair piece last?
    With good care, your Freedom Hair wig can last between 3 – 5 years, in this time a repair may be required. All Freedom Hair wigs are custom made from top-quality, 100% unprocessed virgin, human hair. This hair has never been chemically treated and is the most natural looking and resilient. The longevity of your hair piece will largely be determined by how well you care for it. You should not sleep in your hair piece as it will result in mechanical breakage. Having your hair piece repaired is recommended and will help extend it's life.

    Is there a warranty?
    Yes. There is a one year warranty on workmanship. The warranty does not include "mechanical" breakage which is breakage that occurs due to improper use or care.

    Can I sleep in my Freedom Hair wig?
    You can but we don’t recommend this because the frequent rubbing of the hair against the pillow will eventually cause hair breakage. We call this “mechanical breakage” and it is not covered under the one-year warranty. Please limit sleeping in the hairpieces to special occasions only.

    Can I swim in my Freedom Hair wig?
    Yes. Because of the suction fit, you will be able to enjoy swimming at the beach or in the pool and the hairpiece will not come off when you swim. Since hair is implanted in the direction it would normally grow, it looks natural when it gets wet. 
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